as a skinny person, you are catered to and you don’t even realize it. did you ask for that? no and i understand that. but you will never cry your eyes out in a dressing room because even the largest size doesn’t fit. you will never deal with rejection from a guy solely because of your weight. you are socially accepted.

is any kind of body shaming disgusting? yes. but please don’t act like you’d rather be fat. 

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am i the only one who rehearses things i might say in advance? and I don’t mean like my theoretical oscars acceptance speech i mean like what i’ll say to the pizza guy when I answer the door in my pjs

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"god i hate kids"

yes cus you weird and not fun and they call you out on it

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on god i miss Kito so much. I miss him more for my dad i guess. but Kito did so much just to keep us all happy and he was a great human being. Its almost a year that hes been gone 😪😪 i really wish he could be here with us

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